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Handmade accessories, Home Decorations & Others
Initial Handmade Candle

Handcrafted candle made from  Eco-soy / scented natural wax & colors. Each candle is decorated in ribbon or printed paper with your initials.

Initial Handcrafted Charm

Handcrafted charm with antique or pastel colors. It's come along with your garden package & emboss you initials onto any accessories.

Initial Handmade soap
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Ordering the hanging garden




micro garden




package is including at least 1 or more selected accessories of your or our choices.

Handcrafted soap made from Cocoa Butters & olive oil with fragrance & colors. Each soap is wrapped in recycled paper or muslin bag with your initials.

Wooden Humidifier

The wooden humidifier is designed to moisture & increase your plant’s humidity level especially you are out of town or adding some organic fragrance into the air.

Crafts & Designs

Most of the crafts & accessories are tailor-made for special occasions, wedding, bridle shower, birthday or anniversary parties.

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