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Oscary Japanese Preserved Flower / Workshop


was founded in 1911 in France. Since it had been dehydrated or pretreated with some solutions, it can last for 2 - 3 year. There are no allergies & no water needed. 70% of our flowers & plants imported from Japan, Ecuador, Holland & China, 30% made by our own.

Package combinations & charges:

HK$480 Roses (2M+1L) / 1XL       (15cm container)

HK$680 Roses (3M+2L) / (3M+1L) (20cm container)

HK$880 Roses (5M+3L) / (3M+2L+1XL)-(25cm container)

*Medium 4 - 6cm, Large 7 - 9cm, Extra large 10cm above

*Additional Rose +$100M, +$150L, +$250XL

*All package including roses, moss, hydrangeas & other plants.

Japan Preserved Flower Art

2 hour workshop - HK$380 

Reservations:  852 9588 1514

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